3 Tips for a Safe Summer at Your Facility

Summer comes with no shortage of safety warnings. Whether you’re enjoying time at the pool or traveling for vacation – safety is always a topic of conversation. But what about summer safety at the workplace? Here are three tips to make sure your facility and employees stay safe during the summer months:

1. Prevent heat-related illnesses: According to OSHA, every year, thousands of workers become sick and dozens of others pass away as a result of heat-related illnesses. In order to keep workers safe and help educate employers about the dangers of extreme summer conditions, OSHA started a Heat Illness Prevention campaign. As part of the campaign, OSHA encourages employers to protect their workers and establish a heat prevention program. Suggested aspects of the program include:

  • Providing workers with water, rest, and shade
  • Permitting new employees to take more frequent breaks in order to adjust to working in extreme heat
  • Training workers on heat illness prevention
  • Actively monitoring employees for heat illness symptoms


2. Remind your employees to stay focused on the task at hand: study by Captivate Network found that workers are 45 percent more distracted during the summer. And this makes sense. With warm weather and frequent vacations, sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate on work. However, the moment employees lose focus is the moment accidents happen. Work with your employees and remind them the importance of staying focused. Ways to do this include holding daily pre-shift safety meetings, posting safety signs around the facility, and enforcing use of personal protective equipment (PPE). It only takes a second for an accident to happen, so it’s important to keep workers focused at all times.


3. Prepare for severe weather: From tornadoes to wildfires, and hurricanes to heat waves, the summer months are usually when these types of severe weather situations occur. In fact, many severe weather seasons take place during the summer, including hurricane season which starts in June and lasts to November—and fire season, which starts in May and can last through September. Depending on your location across the country, your facility has the potential to experience one or more of these threatening weather conditions. Make sure your facility is prepared for the unpredictable, and have procedures in place to address severe weather. These procedures should also be shared with all employees. The National Weather Service’s Summer Safety Guide is a great resource in preparing for severe weather.


For more information on summer safety at your facility, contact GCA Services Group at info@gcaservices.com.