6 Ways to Prevent Pests in Your Facility

As spring turns into summer, the warm temperatures can be an unwanted invitation to pests. What kind of pests can invade your facility? Anything from fruit flies and ants to cockroaches, rats, and mice.

Every facility should have a backup plan in case an infestation occurs, or be prepared to call a qualified pest professional. Before things get out of hand, or harmful pesticides need to be used, there are simple preventive measures that can be taken to eliminate the risk before a problem exists. Here are six ways to prevent pests in your facility:

1.  Efficiently dispose of waste

If possible, keep lids on trash receptacles inside the facility. Also, try to move the trash to a trash chute or outside dumpster as soon as possible.

2. Inspect the office

To prevent termites, roaches, and other pests from making their way into your building, fill or seal any holes in the office. Frequently check for cracks or holes in the walls, foundation, and vents that could possibly be entrances for pests.

3. Don’t let leaks go unnoticed

Standing water can attract many different types of pests, and they tend to thrive in these high-moisture conditions. Be proactive with leaks from pipes, faucets, appliances, etc. in order to eliminate standing water.

4. De-clutter your workspace

Pests love hiding out in dark areas. The more clutter you have, the more homes they have to choose from. Keep the office clutter-free. Also, keep any food in cupboards or desk drawers sealed tightly to prevent attracting pests to your workspace.

5. Vacuum frequently

Vacuuming the office frequently can be a quick way to eliminate pests and/or pest eggs. The texture in carpets and rugs can attract moths and other pests, especially when they are not cleaned often.

6. Eliminate scrap wood

Beetles and termites love wood. Get rid of any scrap wood that could possibly have been left around the facility after construction or other projects. Make sure to get rid of the wood before pests can make it their temporary home.


The best way to keep pests out of your facility is through prevention, which can be as easy as following the above tips. For more information, contact GCA Services Group at info@gcaservices.com.