5 Benefits to Keeping Your Facility Clean

Last month, we talked about why it is important to keep the restrooms clean in your facility. But cleanliness doesn’t stop at the restroom. It’s also important to execute similar types of upkeep around the entire facility to benefit employees, visitors, and your business as a whole. Here are five benefits that result from keeping your workplace clean:

1. Improved overall health of employees and guests

When considering what a clean workplace is, it’s important to remember that clean also means hygienic. Keeping both a clean and hygienic workplace kills germs that can harm employees and visitors. By maintaining a clean office, you decrease the chances of employees getting sick and having to miss work. Disinfecting commonly touched surfaces like keyboards, appliances, and trash cans is a great place to start. 

2. Increased employee productivity

A clean workspace helps increase employee productivity. The National Association of Professional Organizations found that paper clutter drastically reduces productivity for most businesses, with the average employee wasting 4.3 hours every week trying to track down documents. By limiting clutter, it’s easier to stay focused and prioritize work. Studies have also found that removing clutter can reduce stress levels.

To avoid clutter in your workplace, keep trash cans and recycle bins within reach. The convenience of having a trash can nearby will help keep individual work spaces, and the entire organization, clean.

3. Improved air quality in your facility

Dusty or dirty surfaces can create air quality problems throughout the office. Consistently cleaning surfaces helps cut down on these irritants and improve the facility’s overall air quality. However, it’s important to know what’s in your cleaning supplies, as some chemicals have been found to negatively affect indoor air quality. A few of these dangerous chemicals include boric acid and formaldehyde.

4. A safer environment

Safety is always a top priority for businesses, and keeping a clean environment is one easy way to increase safety across the board. Easy ways to keep an office clean and increase safety include:

  • Maintaining clean, dry floors to help prevent accidents from occurring
  • Keeping long cords away from high-traffic areas where someone could trip
  • Using bungee cords to tie up the extra length of electrical cords

5. A more professional look

A clean workplace shows you value your organization, employees, and customers.  It creates a welcoming atmosphere, and shows that you take great pride in your facility. Having a clean, well-organized and sanitary space can also be an excellent marketing tool when current or prospective customers drop in for a visit.


Keeping a safe, clean workplace does not need to be a challenge. To ensure the cleanliness and safety of your workplace is up to par, contact GCA Services Group at info@gcaservices.com.