3 Reasons to Keep the Restrooms in Your Facility Clean

A clean restroom is important for any facility, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Restrooms are such high-traffic public areas that it’s very easy for germs to spread. A study shows 95 percent of people believe restroom cleaning has an impact on overall public health by helping to prevent diseases from spreading. Here are three reasons why it’s important to keep the restrooms in your facility up to par:

     1. It shows you value your workforce

A clean restroom has a positive effect on the workplace environment. Good restroom hygiene practices show that you care about your employees as well as the facility. Employees want to work in a clean environment, and the restroom is a huge factor in how they evaluate the cleanliness of their workplace. It can make an impression on customers, too, as 92 percent of Americans see a direct relationship between the quality of a company’s products and services and the quality of its restrooms.

     2. It reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses

A regular cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing routine can reduce the likelihood of spreading dangerous bacteria and viruses, which, in turn, can help prevent employees, visitors, and customers from becoming ill. However, cleaning tools and equipment can become contaminated, so it’s important to use clean or ready-to-use disposable cloths, sponges, and mops to reduce cross-contamination.

Properly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing restrooms can prevent the spread of many common illnesses, including:

  • Norovirus: The inflammation of the stomach or intestines, which can lead to stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Influenza: A respiratory illness that infects the nose, throat, and lungs.
  • MRSA: A bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics, which can lead to skin infections, sepsis, pneumonia, and bloodstream infections.


     3. It helps preserve the condition of your floors, sinks, and toilets

When not properly maintained, restrooms can become a nuisance to clean because stains and dirt can quickly build up. If cleaned correctly, facilities can avoid problems, such as rust stains and mold on the floors, sinks, and toilets, which can result in having to replace these fixtures sooner than normal. Regular cleaning and maintenance can save valuable time and money.

To properly clean restrooms, follow these steps: 

  • Look for products that work on hard and soft surfaces
  • Look for ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners
  • Avoid dilutable general restroom cleaners, which tend to work poorly on long-term odors
  • Look for an aerosol product with an active ingredient that kills 99.9% of airborne odor-causing bacteria

To ensure your restrooms stay clean and to learn more about how we can help, contact GCA Services Group at info@gcaservices.com.