3 Ways to Keep Your Facility Safe and Secure for the New Year

For many people, the new year signifies a new start. As important as those fresh perspectives are in daily life, they’re equally vital when it comes to protecting and maintaining a facility. The new year is the perfect time to renew your resolution to keep your facility safe and secure, and you can start by reviewing your facility’s fire safety, emergency preparedness, and building security:


1. Fire Safety

Winter is a ripe time of year for fire hazards, and this includes the workplace. To begin, check electronics for signs of corrosion or misuse. These can include frayed or exposed wires, cords stretched across doorways, and outlets that are warm to the touch.

Additionally, take a look at vents to be sure they are not blocked by debris or snow. Some blockages can cause a carbon monoxide build-up or become a fire hazard. A new year is also an excellent time to test carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms to be sure they are in working order. Routinely check and replenish fire extinguishers as well, as some may have expired or been used throughout the year and not replaced.


2. Emergency Preparedness

Next, make sure that all building occupants are well-versed in what they need to do in the event of an emergency. This is a facility manager’s last defense when all other systems are overcome. That’s why it’s important to review employee training on where to go in the event of a weather-related crisis, a fire, or a security breach. Review how to use a fire extinguisher, where to store hazardous chemicals, and how to protect against workplace injury or illness. Check emergency exits to make sure they are not blocked or closed off for any reason. See that rescue ladders are available where necessary and fire escapes are in working condition. Also make sure the building is well-stocked with flashlights and other emergency supplies. 

3. Building Security

Buildings tend to develop security weaknesses throughout the year as safety mechanisms erode, lights burn out, or individuals become lax in their regimens. Start by inspecting every door and window to make sure it can close and lock properly. Look into any security systems to be sure they are up-to-date and free of blind spots. Check that all building entrances, exits, and parking lots are well-lit. If your facility has a fence, scan it for holes or other vulnerabilities.

Take time to review policies concerning visitors to the facility as well. Is there a check-in procedure for general visitors? What about delivery personnel or other professionals who may gain access to the building? Make sure there is a clear system to keep track of who is in the building at all times, so that no unwelcome visitors can slip past security.


Life happens, meaning there will come a day when your fire safety, building security, and emergency preparedness are tested. Be ready for anything this new year, and make 2017 your safest season on

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