The Value of Green Cleaning

The Value of Green Cleaning
As the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, we are reminded of the wonderful Earth we live on. This year, Earth Day is April 22, but this celebration isn’t about being conscious of the environment for just one day a year. It is a reminder that our daily actions and decisions can add up and affect our planet positively or negatively.

At GCA Services, our GCA Custom Green program is used to develop the most effective methods for cleaning your specific facility to protect the health and safety of your occupants, while limiting the impact on the environment.

What is “green cleaning?”

Green cleaning is defined as “the use of products and services that reduce negative health and environmental impacts compared with other products and services used for the same purpose” by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

How you can clean greener in your facility:

  1. Prevent contaminants from entering your facility

    Did you know that placing mats at all entrances of your facility can reduce the amount of dirt tracked into the building by up to 85 percent? Not only do entry mat systems reduce the amount of soil, bacteria, and pollutants tracked into the building, but they also save you money in cleaning product use and staff cleaning time. Indoor air quality monitoring, duct cleaning, and routine filter changing are other preventative measures that should be taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

  2. Look at the products you’re currently using

    Select products with positive qualities that reduce health risks, prevent pollution, and are sustainable. You should also learn what the green seals and certifications mean and how to choose products that are right for your facility. Evaluate contracts with the companies supplying your cleaning supplies and cleaning services for consistency with your green cleaning goals.

  3. Review your facility’s current cleaning practices

    Are they helping to reduce negative health and environmental impacts? Enact standardized sustainable cleaning procedures as appropriate for your facility. You should also consider updating your training procedures to include proper green cleaning procedures. Proper training on product use, storage and disposal, and identifying outdated or unneeded chemicals are very important to contribute to your green cleaning goals.

  4. Evaluate your green cleaning products and practices routinely

Are you on track to meet your green cleaning goals? Stay up to date on current cleaning policies and practices from sources such as the EPA that can help you stay on track with your goals and help protect your building’s occupants, as well as the environment.

If you don’t currently have a green cleaning program, we encourage you to learn more by contacting us about our GCA Custom Green program. You can make a difference in the health of your facility’s occupants and a difference for the environment.

For more information about starting a green program at your facility or about GCA’s green cleaning services, contact GCA Services Group at