Four Ways to Spring into Action with Spring Cleaning

Now that we’ve made it to spring, here are some tips for sprucing up the workplace. According to the EPA, people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Ensuring your indoor work environment is clean is essential, especially with allergy season just around the corner.

 To make the most out of your spring cleaning routine, pay attention to these four key areas:

1. Floor and carpet cleaning

Floors endure damage after rough weather conditions, trapping melted soil and ice in cracks and crevices, so be sure to check for floor and door entry issues that may need repairs. Move desks, cabinets and tables to get dirt and dust when cleaning floors underneath carpet or rugs. Scrubbing floors will also help remove soil, and recoating them provides added protection. And don’t forget about carpet cleaning. The Carpet and Rug Institute reports that carpeting accounts for 51 percent of the total U.S. flooring market. Carpet cleaning in the spring revives appearance, freshens the air, and extends carpet life.

2. Air filtration

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, dust is one of the most common indoor allergens. To reduce the amount of dust and other harmful particles in the workplace, air filtration is highly important. HEPA, or High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance, is one example of filtration that can help maintain a high-quality and healthy indoor environment. Filters should be cleaned or changed when daylight savings time begins and ends.

3. Change cleaning solutions by season

Spring is a great time to take inventory of your cleaning supplies and evaluate if you are using the right products to meet your facility’s needs. With the change in weather, you’re also no longer trying to clean salt residue and mud from floors and mats. This may be a good time to switch to less abrasive solutions to keep your surfaces in good condition. In addition, you may consider moving to more sustainable cleaning solutions to reduce the amount of chemicals emitted into the air (learn more about GCA Custom Green).

4. Cleaning windows and hard-to-reach places

Snow and sleet from winter often leaves residue on windows, especially lower windows that may have come in contact with salt used to melt ice and snow. Dust, grime, and mold also collect everywhere, most often in hard-to-reach places including high beams, the tops of light fixtures, ceiling corners, air returns and the tops of doors. Spring is a great time to address all of these areas to reduce allergens and maintain a safe work environment.

Spring cleaning is just as important in the workplace as it is in your home. For more information on spring cleaning, read our post on why it makes for a safe workplace and contact GCA Services Group at